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    I'm a little confused/curious. In my unit the techs deal with the machines, servicing, sorting out faults etc. The nurses, & healthcare assistants do the putting on/taking off, although there's a low dependancy unit where the patients do most stuff themselves, under supervision. IE there a nurse or 2 there to help if needed.
    Everything else, provision of food & drink & cleaning is contracted out to private contract.
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    Anyone else got a blog?

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    Default dialysis

    remenber its, team work at the clinc. the pct and the nurse work together as one

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    Default know how you feel am also very new to theses machines good luck to you

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

    ive just started a new job in a dialysis unit as a staff nurse & so far i am really enjoying it. However i'm beginning to wonder if i'm cut out for al the techinical stuff?? I set up the brauns & wondered by some miracle if anyone know if i'd be able to get some sort of step by step booklet of putting on & taking of patients?????i am picking bits up but just thought i'd ask.....

    thanks very much
    hope you find the imformation you need I also dont know if I am cut out for this job but i will try my best I dont feel I am been given enough time to learn as an auxilliry feel under presure

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    If you are a nurse or patient care technician you should receive training about the equipment your clinic uses and dialysis procedures as well as facility policies and procedures. You will need to be able to show that you can perform the functions of your job safely before you provide direct patient care unsupervised. If you're a technician you will have 18 months from your hire date to pass one of the certification exams offered by a CMS-approved organization. If you want to read up on dialysis, you can find a lot of information in the Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician, which is a good source of information for either nurses or technicians:
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    Smile error message during disinfection

    i am recently join nursing home as supporting assistant for hemodialysis machine of b braun diapact +
    , during disinfection machine shows message "LF too low " so how to troubleshoot it.

    plz help....

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    Anyone who is a helper for a dialysis patient should have been trained to operate the equipment and address problems that arise before, during, and after treatment. This includes training on how to disinfect the dialysis machine. The nursing home should have an RN who was trained to run the machine who should be the one to troubleshoot error messages. Ask for his/her help. If the patient is a home dialysis patient who does dialysis in a nursing home, the home training nurse at that the patient's dialysis facility (number should be on the patient's chart) or the clinical or technical staff at B Braun (800-854-6851) should be able to help the trained nurse troubleshoot the alarm if he/she can't remember how. There should also be an manual onsite that lists error messages and how to troubleshoot them.
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    Red face Re: braun dialysis machine

    I have been doing dialysis now for many years. It takes some time to learn the mechanics of dialysis. A good preceptor know this and realizes that he/she will need to repeat things several times. It is the unusual things that cause the most frustration in our work such as a bad catheter, difficult fistula, clotting dialyzer or unstable patient. Remember the tubing from the patient to the blood pump is running at a negative pressure (if a leak occurs you will suck air into your extracoporeal system) and all the tubing after the blood pump is at a positive pressure (if a leak occurs you will leak out blood). We need more HD nurses. The B Braun operators manual should help. Good luck with the crazy symbols.


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