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    Quote Originally Posted by Dori Schatell View Post
    A quick warning for anyone considering purchasing this machine--the Medical Education Institute and Home Dialysis Central are NOT responsible for any sales of products that occur as a result of using this site.

    We strongly urge any potential buyers to be certain that whoever is selling the machine truly does own it (just because a machine is in someone's home does NOT mean they own it--in most cases, at least in the US, the dialysis center owns it).

    We don't have ANYTHING to do with this sale, we don't warrant the machine, and we can't help you if you buy it and something goes wrong. We're a small non-profit organization, not eBay. So, buy at your own risk.

    Just so ya know...
    All of this still holds. Sometimes people think that because a loved one passed on and the machine is in the home, they now own it. In the US, personal ownership of dialysis machines is VERY rare. In most cases, the dialysis clinic owns it.

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    Default Interested buyer

    Please email me at lsabster@yahoo.com -- I would like to know your asking price.

    Thank you.

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    I am also taking offers for a Brand New Homechoice Pro unit. I have another thread on the board, but if you want to make an offer and more info, you can email me at jr_pene@yahoo.com

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    Default I have a Baxter HomeChoice for sale

    Please contact me at imsuperman808@aol.com - I can give you more specifics - I will make you a good price on this machine - thank you. Michael

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    Wanted - HomeChoice Guest

    Exclamation WANTED - HomeChoice, HomeChoice Pro and/or supplies

    Quote Originally Posted by 1shmeebs1 View Post
    This item is still for sale. Reply with email address if interested. Thank you.

    Is this machine still available?

    My name is Bob and I live in Palm Bay, Florida.

    My cell phone # is 732-239-5350. I am very interested and have a need for this brand of PD cycler. I have spent over 3 years on this same model.

    Email is bisraelite@earthlink.net. I have the spam filter set high but will get any requests to accept your reply. Feel free to call me on the cell phone # listed about.

    Please reply if available or sold.

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    Default Looking to rent PD equip

    Anyone knows if there a way to rent a PD machine in the US?

    A patient is coming from overseas to stay with us. She can't take her PD equip with her since her insurance co. in her country will not allow it. She was able to order one through Baxter affiliates in her country, but needed 30 days notice.

    She will be arriving in 2 weeks and realized she will not have access to her PD in the US. Manual is out of the question. she'll be staying for 2 weeks.

    Can anyone help???

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    Why is manual out of the question? That would seem to be the likely back-up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dori Schatell View Post
    Why is manual out of the question? That would seem to be the likely back-up.
    She is a young child and manual becomes complicated and throws off her cycles.

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    I need to buy the machine baxter homechoice pro for my father.
    how i can buy this machine>
    it's still available?
    thank you


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    Default Re: Interested buyer

    i have only used it 8 hours a day for 8.5 months. and im asking
    $950.00 it is a baxter homechoice pro.

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