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    Default Peritoneal Dialysis Belts

    Just thought I'd suggest PD belts (as a tip).

    I hope it's ok to post the search link instead of a specific site that has PD belts (product endorsement isn't allowed, correct?).

    Here's the Google search link:
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    Default PD belts

    Actually, if you can recommend a specific product that you have used YOURSELF, that's okay with us. The concept of a PD belt is a really helpful idea.

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    I don't wear a PD belt, but sometimes I find that the belt on my pants rubs against my catheter, so now I have a collection of suspenders that I can use instead!

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    Default PD Catheter & Belt

    It sounds like you've come up with a great solution to the problem of the pants rubbing on the catheter after it is in place. Another way to avoid this is for patients to be sure to show their surgeon where they wear their belt or waistband on their pants. This way the surgeon can choose an area below the beltline to insert the PD catheter so the chances of a belt rubbing on the catheter is much less.
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    :roll: I have tried several belts and they are not comfortable for me. I have devised a system of using paper tape to hold my catheter in place...not perfect but it works for now.

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    Default PD Belt

    About the PD belts... I am new to PD (abut 2 months) and I am using a Tuck Away Belt. form Stickman Industries 888-366-7460.
    I find this belt easy to use and the cost ok too.

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    Default PD Belts

    A company called World Technological are offering free PD belts. There belt is the one and only disposable belt where the user discards after 1-2 days use. It comes in convenient packages of 10 andcost 39.50 per package. They are giving belts away for free for first time customers. Log onto their site at www.worldtechnological.com.

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    Default PD belts (as a tip).

    Here in Mexico I was suggested to made an cotton belt with an elastic band that has been very useful and confortable I have been with PD for 3 years.

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    Default PD Belts

    I find the Tuck Away belt rolls at night. I am using a Patients Pride belt that they custom made for me, no extra charge. They really go the distance to make sure you are comfortable and have a proper fit. Patients Pride has a web site where you can see their products. I use their belt at night on the cycler as well as during the day.

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    mayalu19564 Guest

    Default A Dialysis Product Just For You.

    I have designed a product specifically for use by the peritoneal dialysis patient. Now you (men and women) can experience the comfort, safety and convenience of underwear designed specifidally for you. The panties and briefs I have designed let you wear "normal" underwear modifed for your special need. Take a look at these "patented" products on my web site at PD-Uwear.com.

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