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    Default NEW - PD Nurse Email Listserv!

    Hi PD nurses! We are trying an experiment--I've started a PD Nurse email listserv on Yahoo Groups for PD nurses ONLY. The advantage of a listserv (if you haven't belonged to one before) is that email comes to YOU. Each time a member sends an email, EVERYONE on the list receives it.

    Here's the description of the group: Do you feel isolated as a PD nurse? Want to share experiences or ask questions of someone else who educates and supports PD patients?

    Home Dialysis Central (http://www.homedialysis.org) is starting this listserv for you. Network! Learn! Vent! Share!

    Our goal is to raise awareness and use of PD (and home HD), and we want to help you meet your informational needs.

    Interested? Click this link to sign up! http://groups.yahoo.com/search?query=pdnurses
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