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    Default NEW - Home Hemo Nurse Email Listserv!

    Hi Home Hemo Nurses! We are trying an experiment--I've started a Home Hemo Nurse email listserv on Yahoo Groups for Home Hemo Nurses ONLY. The advantage of a listserv (if you haven't belonged to one before) is that email comes to YOU. Each time a member sends an email, EVERYONE on the list receives it.

    Here's the description of the group: Do you feel isolated as a home hemo nurse? Want to share experiences or ask questions of someone else who educates and supports home hemo patients?

    Home Dialysis Central (http://www.homedialysis.org) is starting this listserv for you. Network! Learn! Vent! Share!

    Our goal is to raise awareness and use of home hemo--all types (and PD), and we want to help you meet your informational needs.

    Interested? Click this link to sign up! http://groups.yahoo.com/search?query=homehemonurses

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    Default Rnc,ccrn,chn

    What is the name of the publisher on your new book due out the first of the year?

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