I stumbled across the following comment recently and I was wondering if there is any validity to his claims:

(Disclaimer: I copied and pasted this question, and decided to leave some of the questions that were meant rather for the nephrologist here on this forum so that you will have also an idea of my background. I appreciate whatever answers you can help me with.)

Try Coenzyme Q10 400mg a day. My godmother was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease 5 years ago. Her eGFR was 37. I put her on 400mg CoQ10 a day. Her kidney function had returned to normal within a year. Her eGFR is now above 60. She no longer needs to see a kidney specialist. Check out the following articles. . . .

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18784258 (animal study)
If this works for you, and I hope it will, please let me know. This means a lot to me.


According to the article on CQ10 in the links I provided: //Dr. Singh recommends that all patients with renal failure take 180 mg/day of water-soluble CoQ10 (Q-Gel) if their urine output is greater than 500 ml/day on dialysis. If urine output increases to 1,000 ml/day within 12 weeks, then CoQ10 is likely to be effective. Patients should be able to stop dialysis within 12-48 weeks if the urine output goes above 1,500 ml/day. If urine output does not increase in 12 weeks, then CoQ10 is unlikely to be effective.//

So, why not give it 12 weeks and see how it goes? My thing is: How am I meant to measure my urine output each day? I could get creative, but I'm sure there must be something practical I could use, right?

I have an appointment (finally) to see the nephrologist on May 13th.

I was wondering if my weight training could cause a spike in creatinine levels.

Also, I recently took myself off of the omeprazole I was taking after reading of reported cases of nephritis and acute renal failure. In the 90 days that I took omeprazole my GFR dropped from 36 to 30.

Also, my creatinine level is at 2.70. From what I understand, my creatinine level should be closer to 8.0 before I would be required to go on dialysis. Is that correct?

At this point, should I avoid all foods rich in phosphorus? I have been indulging lately in PB&J.

Is there a link you can provide me with which can help me to educate myself on which renal diet I should be following and which foods I should avoid?

Also, are there any specific types of vitamins I should be taking/avoiding?