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    Default The home dialysis plus machine is finally here!!!!!!!

    Dialysis on demand

    When you’re ready for dialysis, so is Tablo. While you are dialyzing, Tablo is continuously making dialysate, using regular water from the tap. You no longer need to plan ahead or worry about preparing dialysate before treatment. Tablo is designed to deliver maximum flexibility and minimum headache.


    Tablo is an all-in-one dialysis solution: it makes clean water, produces dialysate, takes blood pressure and delivers medication… all in a compact table-height package. No additional equipment to connect. No heavy bags of fluid to hang. There’s not even a hospital pole. Goodbye accessories, hello simplicity.

    More time for living

    Who wouldn’t want to spend less time on dialysis and more time enjoying life? That’s why we focused on reducing Tablo’s set-up to 10 quick and easy steps. We also eliminated the time involved with making batches of water beforehand. Alarm directions appear right on the touchscreen to eliminate the time and anxiety of flipping through binders if something goes wrong. There’s even a wireless antenna inside with an aim toward automatically sending data where it needs to go after treatment.

    Your personal Tablo

    What temperature do you want your dialysate? Tablo will adjust it for you. Did you drink a little more water than you planned while on treatment? Tablo will calculate it for you. Do you need a reminder to make a clinic appointment? Tablo will let you know.


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    Default Re: The home dialysis plus machine is finally here!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this, NDXUFAN. The FDA has approved this machine, so it's only a matter of time before .Outset medical gets its marketing plan together and starts rolling it out. I'm not sure how MUCH time, but hopefully soon. :-) We always want people to have as many options as possible so they can find the one that fits them best.

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    Default Re: The home dialysis plus machine is finally here!!!!!!!

    Anyone remember the prototype for this: It looked like a square dalek!

    So another 10 years before trails take off in the UK.. I'll place my bets on the plugin, heart powered artificial kidney myself. Quite fancy one of those. Basically an internal dialysis machine
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    Anyone else got a blog?

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