Hi, my dad is now on a ventilator and needing hemodialysis due to sepsis. He is in a snf 90 miles from home because these facilities are few and far between. We want to get him care at home. Arranging the ventilator care does not appear to be a problem, but the ventilator is a barrier to him getting dialysis of any modality.

The facility he is in now is in the same building as an outpatient dialysis center, so a nurse accompanies him there where he is dialyzed among the general public. Despite this, the center's social worker says we will not find a center to accept him (she made one phone call). We contacted the liaison at his nephrologist's office, and she did have some ideas, but came up empty. (She did disclose that she was technically employed by one of the 2 big dialysis corporations.)

We want to bring dad back to the city he has lived in his entire life (in southeastern Pennsylvania), which we believe will give him a boost. We would consider any treatment option, in-center (providing an accompanying nurse, if necessary), home, or staff-assist home. The barrier to all these appears to be the necessary of going to the center on some occasions, which they do not accept because of the vent.

Since I know there are people who have successfully arranged home hemo on a vent, I am looking for guidance on how this was accomplished. Any help is appreciated.