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    Default Re: Blood pressure fluctuations during hemodialysis

    I am afraid that I am NOT your mother's nephrologist, nor do I know her case.

    While these message boards have long been useful for giving generic information to patients and/or their carers about dialysis issues, they are not, cannot and are not intended to replace your mothers general practitioner nor her specialist physician(s) or her managing renal or dialysis team.

    While I understand your anxiety over your mothers situation, I am afraid that I am not able to discuss nor give any advice about her specific care. It seems to me that you need to seek a time with her treating team, to acquaint them with your worries, and let them explain her care to you.

    You may also derive some comfort and reassurance - or some 'I've been there, and done that' advice and explanation from other patients and carers through the Home Dialysis Central FaceBook page ... just type into the FB search box the words 'Home Dialysis Central Discussion Group' and let them know that I suggested that they might be able to help you.

    I hope you will understand that as I am not your mothers physician, I cannot make specific comments about her management.

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    Default Re: Blood pressure fluctuations during hemodialysis

    Yes, I completely agree with you and also want to make sure that I didn't intend to get medical advice from you. Her medical team is aware of the problems going on for the past 1 year, but no action has been taken so you can understand my frustration now. I asked the question about the electrolyte bath in my previous post thinking that is a generic question, but feel free to correct me and ignore those questions if you think they shouldn't be answered, and I will totally understand that. As per your recommendation, I will keep bugging the medical team over and over and see if they can make changes to her treatment plan. Thanks Dr.

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