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    Default Questions concerning a Preemptive Transplant, etc

    I'm new to this web board and in need of a preemptive transplant and information, please. I have ESRD, stage 4 with a GFR of 15 and not on dialysis, yet. I'm 68. I have some questions, please:

    1) What kidney transplant hospitals or clinics in the USA practice the weaning-off of anti-rejection drugs post transplant? I need details, please. Also, which ones are using the new better anti-rejection drugs that cause little or no side effects?

    2) What hospitals or clinics will accept strangers as my donor? I understand that many will not accept such. I need details, please.

    3) What are the government agencies and private non-profit agencies that provide financial assistance for the donor's expenses and lost wages? Again, I need details.

    I have good health insurance. I am going to campaign for a donor through advertising in mass local newspapers ads and other media donor search. My health insurance will pay for the medical expenses, both me and the donor.

    Please advise me. Thank you.

    - Preemptive

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    Default Re: Questions concerning a Preemptive Transplant, etc

    Dear 'Preemptive'

    You may have misunderstood the intent of this message board ... It is to advise, educate and explain dialysis. In addition, I am an Australian nephrologist and thus have no direct knowledge of the details of US transplant programs. I am sorry, but on both counts, I come up very short on your questions.

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