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    I haven't had any side effects from taking Proferrin. I also heard that it often causes constipation, but I haven't' had any to speak of.

    Another med that I take definitely causes constipation, although it is sporadic. Whenever it happens, I just take a stool softener for a few days and it goes away. This was happening well before I started taking Proferrin and I have not seen an increase in its frequency, so I don't see Proferrin as causing me to have any constipation.

    FYI: The stool softener I take is just a generic version of Colasce. I have found it to work very well for me.
    Eston Burciaga

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    At my old clinic the doctor advised patients to take their iron pill at bedtime and not around mealtimes when they would take phosphate binders. Phosphate binders could bind the iron as well and reduce its effectiveness.

    I found this study that says that this is true with calcium binders (all we had then) but not with Renagel (sevelamer).

    I don't know how Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) affects iron absorption. I'd suggest you ask the doctor or dietitian about when to take iron and what to avoid so you get the best "bang for your bucks."
    Beth Witten MSW ACSW LSCSW
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