Happy New Years All! Hope all of you doing home dialysis have great one! What do you wanna see in 2006? :roll: …yes, that’s it, more patients going home!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Gus
Happy Birthday to you and a peaceful and healthy year to everyone over there in the Northern hemisphere. Thankyou to everyone who posts on this site. You have helped me get through the worst couple of months of my life. Seems like you are only next door! Feel I should be inviting you in for a cuppa or a tinny!
We see the New year in well before you guys so we are now well into recovery mode.
Cheers 8)

Happy B-Day Gus :wink: :wink:.

Iknow we have our own vocabulary here in Texas but what is a cuppa and a tinny? :oops:

Thanks Troy!

Cuppa= cup of tea :roll:
Tinny= Beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay Gus!
Come on down! 8)

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday :smiley: – I’m sure, thanks to you, there will be many going home.

Haha, cheers you all! :smiley:

Guess what I did on my birthday? … I spend the day till early New Years morning making Gus’s Famous Beef Jerky…home dialysis style! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know we do things differently down under but what exactly is this beef jerky??
I have seen some somewhere once but it looked like a bit of dried up old rhinocerous hide. I imagined it would be very salty. How does one make it, do you go out and hunt down a moose or something first? :shock:

Hahaha, :lol:

Beef Jerky is the all American wild west way of eating meat. In the old American west it was common carrying jerky down the trails, and today the tradition is still carried out well and strong. What makes beef jerky very popular is it nurtitional content, namley the protein…has excellent source of protein and is one of the best high protein snacks to take while on dialysis…its actually higher in protein than cooked meat!

All it is, cured salty thinly sliced meat brined for several hours, then you place in an oven to dry at low setting for about 3-5 hours. After that you continue drying outside of oven for at least a day then you store it in tight zipped plastic storage bags…keeps it fresh…

There are many ways to do it, many flavors out there to. Some examples might be Terriyaki flavored beef jerky…

If you looked at prices of beef jerky, you’ll see that its quite expensive! Making it at home is the way to go…

Beef Jerky as a source for protein for patients on dialysis is a good choice, the extra salt it has also balances your blood pressure, espcially those who deal with hypotension on dialysis…

You must try Buffalo jerky, yummmy…

All out of buffalo down here at the beachshack, maybe I could go and find a roo or wombat or maybe echidna jerky(minus the quills) might become a new taste sensation :wink:

Even rattle snakes… :wink: Plenty up there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that mean you use dialysate as the brine? :? :lol:

Does that mean you use dialysate as the brine? :? :lol:[/quote]

Absolutely! You’d be amazed how good it tastes, har har har…(jokingly)