6 days instead of 7

Does anyone know why daily and nocturnal are set up to run 6 days instead of 7?

While on nocturnal we are monitored running 6 nights allows the unit to have a night off. They have 2 techs that monitor each works 3 nights. Second reason most patients want a night off.

I think the main reason is Marty’s second one, you need a day off, even God rested on the 7th day!! I don’t believe the majority of nocturnal patients are monitored, and I like the ability to vary my nights off so on average I do 6 nights a week however sometime I may take a day off after 4 or 5 days and sometimes I may run 7 nights in a row. I try to take the same day off but sometimes I have commitments, guests and sometimes it is because of my monthly blood draw, I can’t do those on Fridays or Saturdays due to lab delivery schedules, so I may have to switch as I like to take Fridays off.

I’m treating right now for the eighth day in a row. I got in from out of town late last Sunday night - treated untill 4:00 in the morning Monday, then dialyzed at about 9pm that same night, then back to my normal 7pm runs all week, then 4pm yesterday, 11:30am today and now I’ll go every day before work until I go out of town again Thursday afternoon. So I am planning to go from Thursday morning until I get home and dialyze again Sunday night.

Is there a preferred time of the day to dialyze that works best as a far as getting fluid and toxins off which affect appetite and energy for daily activitites?

Mornings before breakfast are great! End of the day late at night is also nice…