87 Year old male, End stage renal disease

Yesterday, my Husband was taken to a hospital with shortness of breath, major confusion, and weakness. He had just finished hemodialysis. The Doctor at the hospital said that he was retaining fluid and it should be removed so he would feel better. The people at Davita in my town said they did remove fluid from him. This has been going on for quite a few months, off and on, but this time was really the worst. Many thought that he was in the beginning stages of dementia but I have watched him go down hill since he stopped PD and went back to hemo.
Note: The first time he had hemo in 2016 he died for 10 minutes and was brought back. No repercussions from it though at the time.
My question is if there was that much fluid in him, why did they take off so little in treatment? I was also told that he was not the same person he used to be a few months ago and he was dying slowly by one of the technicians.
I would like your opinion of this.
Thank you for your help.
Judy Pierce

Is he getting down to his dry weight on dialysis?

You mentioned that your husband switched from PD to ICHD. The diet and fluid restrictions are different now. He should be taking in very little liquids so the fluid to be removed is Minimal each treatment.
Also, during treatments if his blood pressure is dropping, they cannot pull off fluid. This results in more fluid build up. His heart may be weaker now with age and time on dialysis.
Meet with his dietitian to review his labs and fluid gains, she will be able to assist you with some good tips for diet and fluid restriction.
Also, is he using a chest catheter for dialysis? Infection in older folks frequently results in mental changes. Please speak with your clinic nurses or nephrologist to help you understand his condition. That is part of their job

I have been on dialysis since May 2019, 5 months on hemo and I always felt totally wasted after each treatment, but was responding well and went on PD in late October for 10 hrs (5 cycles) per day, actually at night and feel much much better and more active. Of course I will turn 78 in June. Weight has gone up and appetite improved so much since going on PD.