Aakp's infuriating support of cuts to the US dialysis program

I’m sickened to read that the American Association of Kidney Patients is supporting the disastrous cut proposed in H.R. 3162 aka the CHAMP Bill. The shocking myopia of this transplant patient guided organization is inexplicable and should be denounced by all advocates for optimal dialysis outcomes.

Boo aakp. Boo. Hiss.

I happened to be watching the Congressional hearings and was appalled by the AAKP’s position on bundling. I don’t understand how they can say it should be up to the doctor/patient relationship to determine the proper dosing for ESA’s when all bundling will do is limit the amount of ESA’s a patient can get. I agree that patients shouldn’t be overdosed, but if anything, bundling will mean that most patients will be underdosed.