covers home HD!

Hi y’all,

Some of our Home Dialysis Central participants have been featured in a new article in the health section of Check it out!

I was misquoted but it was a good article on balance.

I wish they didn’t focus on the electronic monitoring required by NY. I made the point when being interviewed that dialysis isn’t dangerous - rather being under dialyzed is the danger.

Great work to all 3 of you who were in the article.

Bill, you are correct about being misquoted. I was in a local newspaper about 2 years ago and was a little upset how some of the interview was intertwined and only took bits and pieces on certain issues I talked about where it made a difference on what I was trying to say.


People are misquoted in the newspaper, constantly. However, that article was outstanding, liked the picture of Rich, a great picture for home dialysis. :slight_smile: