Adequate vs. Optimal Dialysis

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Would it help if you came over again while I dialyzed? I know it’s not the same as caring for your mother, but it might help making you more comfortable around the equipment. Not that I’ll let you stick me – nobody gets to do that other than myself. But I’ll let you do everything else – you can even pull my needles if you want. The other possibility is that I can over to your house or even meet you at the clinic. I’m sure we can work out something so you can feel more comfortable caring for your Mom. Please remember you shouldn’t feel alone. If you’ve lost my phone number, just ask Irma, Carmi or Mary Anne.

Rich, I would love to hear responses to this. My dad is suffering a lot right now at his dry weight. Does this relate at all to your question?

Sorry, but that wasn’t the thrust of the original question. But you should start a new thread and state what’s going on with your father’s dry weight. Somebody will answer for sure. There’s a wealth of knowledge existing on this site.