Air entrapment - Peritoneal cavity

Hello All, hope you all well and keeping safe.
I am on APD dialysis during the machine setup I connected myself to the machine before the priming process to completed ( big blunder ). Luckily I realised within first minute and closed the security clip. Once priming completed I open the lock on catheter and start the drainage. Since then I am feeling pain in my shoulders, upper back , ribs and stomach. Pain comes and goes. I contacted my PD team they advised to take pain killers and if pain gets unbearable go to A&E.

Due to covid 19 l don’t want to go A&E.

Did anyone of you came across this situation and if youare , what’s steps did you take to counter this. Did you go hospital or it goes away in a few days?

Your help will be much appreciated.



Hi Asad,
I have previously had pain in my shoulders and chest due to trapped air from machine, it us so painful.
It did go away after a few hours and a dose of co codamol.
Hope you feel better soon

Hello Kathyg,
Good to know that it will go away eventually. Thanks for sharing your experience.