Air travel w/ Nxstage

We’ve been with Nxstage about two months and are looking towards traveling this summer. What experiences, trouble, or suggestions would you have? It feels very new and foreign to think of putting our machine in the hands of the airlines. :?

NxStage ships machines back and forth when there is a problem and one needs to be replace and their personnel take them on planes when they go to conventions. Talk with the folks from NxStage about your plans and how to pack your machine so it won’t be damaged. I believe they can send you the packaging you’ll need to protect it.

I have traveled with my NXtage machine but not on a plane…I see your all new and only have two months. I didn’t want to travel after two months as I wanted to gain more confidence and experience with this little machine. If you feel your ready, go for it! 8)

However, you’ll need a traveling case especially made for Airline travel and that case costs a little over $200.

Sometimes you may wonder what if my machine is missing after reaching destination… :shock:

Only one thing you gotta do and that is be prepared…let NxStage, your Dr. and clinic know you will be vacationing and where you will stay. Being prepared is the key to beeing safe…that’s all…

It is definitely great to be able to travel with the dialysis machine. But be prepared.
If you ship your supplies ahead it is much easier. Ex. saline, needles, heparin,etc… If you don’t you will need a doctors prescription to be able to take these things on the plane with you.
As for the machine be prepared to have two people lifting the case that holds the machine. The box weighs approx. 25 lbs. and the machine is approx. 70 lbs. The two together are very heavy and awkward. You will also need a IV pole that is collapsible or one that comes apart to be able to take with you. Also the box that holds the machine does not hold the warmer. You will need either a padded bag or put it in your suitcase.
Please understand I am talking from experience. I am my Mom’s caregiver and I took her to California last year. I would be glad to tallk to talk to you more if you would like.

yes, we would definitely be interested in communicating with you about more specifics regarding air travel. We are also booked on a cruise one-way to Alaska and are running into needing to have some supplies drop-shipped and others we’ll need to transport ourselves as the company won’t drop-ship outside the continental US. Thanks for any help you can give.

If you’re using the NxStage machine, you might want to read NxStage’s travel policy, posted on its website.

No matter what company makes the home dialysis machine or supplies, clinics and patients need to work directly with the supply company’s customer service staff to make arrangements for shipment of supplies. This will make sure that travel needs are met the best way possible.

Medicare doesn’t pay for dialysis outside the U.S. but will pay for dialysis in any state or territory, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the American Virgin Islands…all of which are outside the “continental U.S.” If you haven’t talked with NxStage yourself, you might want to ask if supplies can be shipped to one or more ports in Alaska where your cruise will be stopping. If NxStage can’t ship to Alaska, check to see if you can get in-center dialysis while the ship is at port if you don’t want to take a cruise that offers dialysis. One commonly used dialysis cruise operator is: