AKSYS Folding?

:? I got a call from the manager of the Kaiser Sunset Home Hemodialysis program today. She told me that Aksys is folding and I will be retrained for NX Stage in the near future.
Has anyone else gotten messages?
KJoy Kemper NP Home Hemodialysis patient since 2002.

No way! Seriously?..anyway, I was concerned about that and already posted something about that here…


If they really can’t hold up that’s very sad indeed, awhile back I read about their financial troubles and now this? :cry:

We haven’t heard anything of the sort. Here is a link to a press release on Aksys’ most recent quarterly report. http://www.aksys.com/press/20060814.asp. According to this–and talks I’ve had with Aksys folks, they have restructured their financing, replaced some members of their board, and decided to focus their efforts on a few key markets. So, KJoy, it may be that the area you live in is not one of the markets they are choosing to support.

If we learn anything official, I’ll certainly let you know.

Yes it is confirmed, Kaiser Sunset will be switching all of their Aksys patients to NxStage within the year. Aksys is not folding in fact they are working on a next generation machine.