Aksys PHD heparin pump for nocturnal txs

Would like to ask Bill Peckham for how many txs did you do nocturnal dialysis on the Aksys PHD using a free standing heparin pump? I understand that Aksys is developing a heparin pump which will be available soon, but supposedly the PHD can be used for nocturnal txs now as long as a free standing heparin pump is used. Can anyone provide information on this?

I’ve participated in two nocturnal studies using the PHD. The first time it was doing every other day nocturnal dialysis - my memory is that this was a four week study. The second time I dialyzed six nights a week - eight hour runs - for I think five weeks. I’ve heard of one person in Seattle who was doing nocturnal on the PHD but switched back to short daily because of changes in his household - I’m not sure if he’s gone back to nocturnal or is still doing short daily.

Thanks for this info., Bill. Was your time on nocturnal with the PHD, using a free standing heparin pump, safe and uneventful? Was the freestanding heparin pump awkward to use? How did you feel on nocturnal txs as compared to short daily? We like your idea of doing both short daily and nocturnal txs according to what best fits into your schedule.

Did you see this news release? Dean Kamen is the guy who invented the segway…hmm combine a segway and a PHD now that would be portable.

Yes my runs were uneventful at night. The freestanding pump was fine , just had to remember to turn it on after getting on. I just never felt as rested but in every other way it was great…diet-wise for instance. I think I might be running for longer tonight if there was a pump. I could just run 6 hours from 9pm to 3:30am then sleep from 4 to 8 or 9 I’d do that. I would have had no excuse for not going to the gym. Tonight I went from work to the park to home to dialysis. Instead I could eat, kick back, watch the news, go to the gym; then go on dialysis. I’m very pro mixing it up.

I am still fighting with myself about changing from the Fresenius to the Aksys or Nxstage and the big draw back for me is not being able to mix it up. Dad and I sleep very well during nocturnal so that is our primary desire. However it has been convenient to be able to do short runs at different times. Can’t wait for new PHD machine that does both. The Fresenius is great but set up and tear down time makes even a short run long.