Allient Sorbent update

I’ve been e-chatting with Ken Click, VP of Sales at Renal Solutions and a very nice guy, about the Allient. Here’s what he had to say…

“At present time we are conducting a home safety trial that will last about 6 months. After the trial, we will be allowed to offer the system for home use.”

“We are starting the safety trial in the April timeframe and expect it to go well.”

So perhaps by this fall! If anyone’s interested and hasn’t already done so, the website is


Strange, I talked with someone from Allient about 1 month or so ago and at that time they were having software problems. They also told me they were going to start trials on acute patients and home patients trials weren’t going to begin for a while. They also told me at the time that they were going to try and make the machine smaller for home use. They also told me they would call me every 3 months with an update. Wonder if anyone knows what
is really going on.

Anyone know where this home safety trial is being done?

Here’s a brief description of the safety trial.

It doesn’t say where it’s being done, but you could probably call Renal Solutions to find out more.

I did contact RenalSolutions and that is when I received a telephone call from them. That is when I heard the home safety study had not been started and they hadn’t done the acute study as of yet and that was going to be first. It was also when I was told the machine had software glitches to be worked out and they hoped to make it smaller for home use. It sure didn’t sound to me like the Allient was going to be rolling off the assembly lines for home treatments anytime real soon. I thought at the time of the phone conversation what they were saying was somewhat contradictory to what the statement on their website said. The reps. I talked to from RenalSolutions didn’t know where any trial was going on yet.