Another angel to watch over us - I'll miss you LSB

The following is from Levin’s Website:

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I have been on dialysis for kidney failure since I was 18. This is supposed to be an outlet for me to write about things–?cq=1 Entry for July 08, 2007
Levin Passed at 4:44AM this morning while I was holding him. He was in peace and never showed signs of distress.

Entry for July 04, 2007
Unfortunatly things have not worked out for Levin. We have brought him home under a hospice program. His last day of dialysis was Monday. All of his lines have been removed, except a drain bag coming out of his stomach, to make him as comfortable as possible in his last days. It is only a matter of time. He is surrounded by family and loved ones. Thank You for all your prayers and friendship. Sean

Erich, thank you so much for finding that blog entry and sharing it with us. That’s very sad news, but still good to have closure. LSB had a good attitude and maintained as normal a life as he could, despite multiple medical problems. He was a great contributor to these boards, and I know we’ll miss him. My condolences to his loved ones on their loss.

I’d have to say LeafSunBear was one of the best advocates I’ve spoken to. He really liked to share his experiences and tried his best helping others who wanted to go home and do dialysis. Awhile back he took part in a short interview I did with him, still posted on my frontpage blog… he really wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. I am very happy I got to meet him… people like him helps us continue our journey.

That is very sad news indeed. I always read LSB’s posts with interest and could see he lived his life with real spirit and courage. Sincere condolences to his loved ones.

I recently received one of LeafSunBear’ s originally designed skateboard
decks from his partner Sean.

LeafSunBear loved skateboarding and before he became too ill he boarded
as often as he could. He wrote about boarding frequently on his blog
and how frustrating it was when he had to start walking with a cane and
could no longer board.

The board is a beautiful light wood with his design of three connecting
circles, one containing a leaf, one containing a bear, and one containing
a sun, all in white. His keen sense of humor is evident on the bottom side of
the deck where he put the following instruction “Place Organ Donor Sticker Here.”

I explained to my eight year old son that I met LeafSunBear a year ago
and that we shared emails with one another. I carefully explained that
he too used to use a NxStage hemodialysis machine like I do. I told my
son that Levin was his real name and that LeafSunBear was a nickname
just like I’m sometimes called, Riverdude. When he asked my why I got
the skateboard deck, I told him that Levin had died recently. I told
him that he was a very young man that I repected greatly and that I
wanted the deck to help me remember him.

My son asked if he died because he was on dialysis. I told him that he
died because of a number of other illnesses that he had and the dialysis
was actually helping him everyday. He then asked me, “would you die if
you didn’t do dialysis?” I told him that yes I would but that I have my
machine and that I’m not going anywhere for a long time.

My son just adores the skateboard deck. He took it to “show and tell”
recently and his boarding friends thought it was way cool. When I
picked him up after school, one of his friends asked, “Mr. D, do you
think your friend can make me one of those skateboards? " I said, " I
wish he could,” and left it at that. I know Levin would enjoy seeing
kids tearing up the local skatepark with his boards.

I’m sure you’re right about that, Erich. What a nice tribute–I’m so glad to hear that your son is enjoying the deck that LSB made. I bet he’d love that.