Antibiotic Question

We take care & are the gaurdians of a severely mentally retarded man in his mid 30’s. He has been doing PD for 18 mos. He is a staph carrier and even had a catheater change to try and stop the staph colonizing in the tube. After a couple months the infections are back.The nurse said that when he becomes resistant to the antibiotics there will be nothing more we can do(transplant is out and he was the hemo route for 12 years and became a behavioral problem one hospital refused to treat him further) so PD is his last recourse. Does anyone have an idea how long someone can go on antibiotics until they become resistant? Months, years? Any ball park figures??

Hi CS,

We haven’t forgotten you; Beth has sent an email to an expert to see if we can get an answer for you. In the meantime, remembering your situation fairly well, the man you take care of didn’t do well on in-center hemo, but other than the infections he’s doing well on PD? I wonder then, if home hemo (short daily or perhaps nocturnal) might be an option for him if he’s not able to clear the infection. It may be that the in-center environment was more than he could take, and being used to you caring for him at home he might be able to handle hemo there.

Thank you. Yes he is doing very well, GREAT, other than the staph infections. He is believed to be a carrier. Yea…hemo is not an option away from home. The home hemo is going to come to the area soon. The Dr. said antibiotic resistance can be very quick and some develop a resistance depending on the immune system.

sore kidneys, fatigue, tingling tongue, headaches, diagnoses with pkd in 1993, wstatus??

I’d recommend that you see a doctor, report your symptoms, get your blood pressure checked (could be the cause of your headaches), have a urinalysis to check for a bladder/kidney infection and look for blood or protein in the urine (sore kidneys), and get blood tests to check your blood chemistry (tingling tongue could be due to low calcium or low parathyroid hormone), and kidney function (fatigue).