Anybody been sick with cold or flu on home hemo?

Just wondering how well you guys handle home hemo when you get a cold or flu? Anybody had the pleasure yet? I had an awful head cold while I was still on my 6 weeks training last winter, but not yet at home. I managed in training, but let me tell you, the motivation went wayyyyy down. I don’t think I would want to ask for in-centre treatment for a few days, though, so I would probably just muddle through.

In the last year I’ve been sick twice where I actually took a night off. Actually once was when my son was running a pretty high temp and I didn’t want to be on so I could take care of him, and once I just felt so punk I fell asleep around 3 and my son woke me at 6 to get on dialysis but I decided to go back to sleep. I think it was a good idea as I felt much better the next day and think I might have gotten sicker.

I do believe that a big benefit of 6x a week is that a missed treatment once a month is not any big deal.