Anyone on Nxstage

We are doing short daily treatments and looking now to switch to nocturnal. Anyone have anything to say good or bad?

If you have switched and used the nxstage, how was it? I am concerned about running such low speeds and pressures.

We are using a catheter now, but looking to change over to the fistula soon. The lower speed may actually allow for the fistula to be used now rather than having to tie off collaterals that are stealing too much away and not allowing us to run at a decent speed.

Hi billable,
We have been doing Nxstage Nocturnal since October. Hubby Ralph says he feels better on Nxstage than on the Freni machine.
We usually run between 350 and 430 Blood pump speed because we use 60 litters of dialysate. Ralph is 117K we run for 8 hrs a night. When we need to use the bags we use 45L and of course everything depends on how much we are taking off. Ralph has the same fistula and using the same buttonholes since Sept. 03. We have had to have the fistula roto rooterd once. And we found out the problem was not at the fistula site but below his elbow. His fistula is in his upper left arm.
I do his cannulating and set up the machine.
We do use heprine.
I will be happy to answer any questions.

I called NxStage and they indicated there was only “extended daily diaylsis” on trial in California. My center is planning to get certified after I asked to be considered for nocturnal; I am in NC.

I see you are from NY. Thanks for any info.


Now that’s interesting. (The California comment.)

I wonder why it matters from state to state. I would have thought that CMS guidelines were the same across the nation, therefore if they are approved, they are approved everywhere. I guess not.

Anyway, we are doing well. Just curious what labs would look like nocturnal vs. short daily. We are discussing it with our nephrologist. He is open to the idea, but is checking on the details.

Our center now has 3 on nocturnal. Ralph’s lab’s are great. He was just in the hospital because of bleeding from ischemic colitis. His labs were not great while in hospital but he came home on Fri. and I drew bloods on Tues night and post on Wed am. His number were so much better even doin a short treatment on Sat and regular treatments on Sun and Mon. It really does make a difference doing nocturnal.
As for cost of extra nights our center picks up the extra 3 nights.
Our center is not for profit and really progressive.