BFR- for nocturnal and depending on what dialysers?

Hi Bear,
I have just found out that our area ( as in health area) are the only ones that using low flux dialysers. Apparently all others in nsw are using high flux and you guys up there also right?

Can only one tell me what the difference between the two are? My husband Con doing 6 hours on a 170 dialysers was getting 85% clearances rates. He is now doing 8 hours on a 21L. ( which is 210) so his clearance should be even better, but we are yet to test this because he has to be in this dialyser for 2 weeks.

cheers. Queenie.

Bill, how many hrs do you currently dialyze? Did you ever dialyze 6x nocturnal?

Last night I dialyzed for 170 minutes at a 350 Qb and 800 Qd. I took the July 2nd off to do labs on the 3rd. That day off followed dialyzing 9 days in a row 6/23 to 7/1. Right now I have no plans to take a day off but if something comes up I will.

I have dialyzed 6x nocturnal on the PHD. As soon as I am allowed I will include an occasional over night run in my schedule - Friday and Saturday nights most likely.

When I tried 6x nocturnal I found that I was too tired in the afternoons to be productive at work.

I am on a 170H, is that high? I was on a 210H in centre but only needed a 170 for nocturnal.


But local technical experts sometimes have different ideas than the original manufacturer, so, I just do what they tell me.

Under what circumstances would it be ok for local technical experts to go around the manufacturer’s recommendations?

I asked another person about backfiltration. He said it is also referred to as back flow. And in earlier times, FR recommended minimum UF to prevent back flow. Had something to do with the type of modules in machines, too. He said he will look into it and let me know what he finds out.

Under what circumstances would it be ok for local technical experts to go around the manufacturer’s recommendations?

Like I said, the instruction sheet that comes in each box of my F70NRe dialyzers specifically says that UF rate must be 300 or more. Because during summer I seem to get to dialysis at night without having gained enough fluid for this, this can be a problem. The technical unit here says to just ignore that because it’s not really intended for daily nocturnal, and there’s no problem ignoring that specification.

We also have our own procedure manual. Setup of a treatment differs from what Fresenius says in some of its documentation. Hemo here isn’t something that’s just subcontracted out. The hospital has it’s own large staff of technicians, plus it’s a research centre. We have something like three hundred 2008K machines in the region. It’s not just one little privately-operated dialysis centre. There are a lot of resources available.