Bigger kidney Nxstage

Today I am to start the new bigger kideny that nxsatge produces…anyone else on it?


I heard about it and was told probably by September for our region…

Let us know how it goes for you on it…if possible send us picture of how it looks! :slight_smile:


I can tell you that visually it looks the same. The only difference that I can tell so far is that some of the tubing is different. It looks like for the saline line. When Sheri the nxsatge nurse comes today, I’ll let you know what the real differences are. But so far the kidney itself looks the same. Hopefully it just works even better.

Do you know what your kt/v is with nxsatge? I think that mine is at 6.9
Could that be right?

Vanessa :lol:

Okay thanks for the info, seems to me that the redesign must be in the fibers…as for KTV, next week will get my labs…stay tuned…

P.S. Vanessa, are you a WellBound patient from Modesto?


I have been using the NxStage new cartridge (CAR-160) for about 2 weeks. The cartridge is very similar in appearance to the origianl one. The are a few differences with the tubing and clamps but otherwise the same. Recirulation is different with this new cartridge.

As far as improvement, the new cartridge comes with an attachment that allows you to connect the art & ven tubing prior to connection. This allows the user to have better access to make the connections. You just connect both the art & ven lines to the attachment and lay next to you on the chair. I have found that this new set-up procedure makes setting up alone alot easier.

I have only been using the new cartridge for 8 days. I will have my blood work drawn next week to evaluate the improvements using the new cartridge. My last Kt/V was measured at .55. I just spoke with my clinic (DaVita Franklin Center) and they confirmed that number. I hope that the new cartridge gives be improved clearance. Good luck with the new cartridge.


I just did my treatment with the new kideny… all seems the same, the real change is in the fibers (you are right Gus). Anyway, I am anxoius to see what my numbers are, but will not find out for a couple of days, so we’ll see. I want to lower my time. Currently I run around 2:30-2:40. I usually do not have much fluid on about .7…but my flow rate is around 400. I am finding that I am having high venous pressures. Does anyone else? I don’t remember being high before nxsatge. Again I run at a 400 flow with a 250-278 venous.

and Gus I do not live in Modesto, I live in MA conviently close to Nxsatge headquarters… :roll:



You should have your fistula checked, unless it’s just that your venous needle needs to be supported by an extra gauze under it. When I started having high venous pressures like that, I was developing a stenosis which was fixed by an fistulagram/angiogram.

Oh okay cool, will be a matter of time till it’s my turn to try it out…

Your values seem kinda close to mine…I also run BP at 400, only when I can, but when I start always at 380 then move it up to 400 after several minutes…

As for venous pressure running high at start I have also dealt with that but is solved by moving the arterial/venous needles a bit, making them face down and not against the upper wall. Takes some patience but that’s how I’ve solved mine…there was some rare occasions where the buttonhole developed a small clot making the venous pressure go high…in this case I would infuse some saline to solve it…

Remember, I don’t use heparin…just baby asprin now and then…

P.S. The name Vanessa sounded familiar and of course the name Sherri…

Pierre@ Fistulagram/Angiogram…that procedure is terror… :shock: :shock:

Speaking about the new CAR -160…

Though I use no heparin I did notice some blood streaks in the dialyze after treatment…more than the previous dialyzer…still haven’t clotted it yet…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve increased my baby asprin to 2 now…will see if will do the job for a long time to come…