When I read the article about the man advertising on a billboard about needing a liver transplant that got me to thinking. Now I am seriously considering getting a billboard advertising nocturnal dialysis. Any thoughts,
good idea, bad idea. ramifications etc.?

Oh Marty, always thinking you are lol I would imagine it’s very expensive, but then again graffiti is illegal right? Once you get your dad on tx. you could don a trench coat and paintbrush, going out at night and painting the town red, only with the message that home hemo is great! lol Just kidding, but seriously I think the billboard thingy is an excellent idea. Lin. :lol:

I’d be more happy to see BillBoards for the support of daily home dialysis…

Nocturnal is cool but maybe am not ready for Nocturnal…I really wanna move places and far places and take my dialysis with me…most important is that I wanna feel like I almost have my own kidneys.

I think the right bollboard for homeHemo is “We Need More HomeHemo Alternatives!”…smaller, simpler, ease, flexible, and painless…

Well Lin, I have done dummer things with money. Yes, it is expensive. but that doesn’t bother me near as much as what to put on it. I want to pack a punch if you know what I mean. I heard dialysis centers couldn’t advertise but don’t know if this true. Somehow I have got to get patients and centers in our area to realize home hemo is OK. and it’s not a big deal. I’ve had nephrologist tell me that I was somehow exceptional that I could do home hemo. Give me a break; I couldn’t pass for an aid in the health profession.

The billboard idea is an interesting one and one that would require some research. Some things that you might want to think of:
– Where (cities or areas of a city) are there a large number of people with kidney disease and/or kidney failure?
– Are there clinics in or near that city (or cities) with home hemodialysis programs?
– For those clinics that don’t currently offer home hemo, how many patients expressing interest in a home hemo program would it take to get at least one clinic in each city to start a home hemo program?

Dialysis corporations advertise in trade magazines as do dialysis clinics that offer transient dialysis. Clinics with home dialysis programs – or starting a home program – could promote themselves just as easily. Where would be better to do this than on a website like Home Dialysis Central the focuses entirely on home dialysis? That’s why we offer clinics with home programs the option to have a sponsored listing on our website. Clinic sponsors have a large red arrow that clicks to a full page listing that they write to describe their home program. The listing includes hours, staffing, number of patients on each treatment type, and a 300 word description. You can see more about this on our home page under “support our efforts.”

Staff at dialysis clinics believe they don’t need to do anything to get patients. In their minds, doctors that work at their clinics refer as many patients as they want and need. They don’t think about the fact that the more home hemo patients they have, the more cost effective their program will be. Meanwhile, patients go where their doctors tell them (unless insurance won’t pay there) because they may not know they have choices – choices of clinics, choices of treatments, and even choices of doctors. We need to get the word out that dialysis is all about choice.

It’s great to see that all of you believe in home dialysis as much as we do!