Blood after excercise

I got blood coming out from the drain after 15 minutes of fast walk last night (first time excercise after the surgery). Continued to the cycler last night. The first two drains look like many red blood, and the third and forth drains look pink color. I used manual exchange to flush it this morning. However, after 6000 ml solutions (flush 1000 ml each time), the color looks the same: pink color. I stoped flushing and let it dry today. Any suggestions what are my next steps? Thanks. --Jie

Hi and welcome, Jle. Please do ask your nephrologist or your PD training nurse about this, but it isn’t unusual–especially fairly shortly after catheter placement. Some blood vessels are broken when the catheter is put in, and exercise can break some capillaries, too. Here’s a recent article we wrote that covers this: