Blood pressure and NxStage

Did you find that your bp was higher on NxStage?

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one of the most noticeable improvements doing short-daily is normalized blood pressure, took me 3 months for it to normalize…


Has anyone read the journal articles on lactate hemodialysis solutions causing a greater occurance of hypotension than bicarbonate based solutions?

I am very interested in this because I have hypotension, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the rock bottom pressures I have recently reached are either because my bicarb levels are too low (though my labs are borderline/ok), or there is something else going on.

Heather, to answer your question regarding NxStage- for me, my blood pressure was already low, seems to be even lower since switching modailities. Whether or not NxStage had anything to do with that…I don’t know, yet.

Gus! I just wrote a really long response to this and I lost it somehow. I need to get to sleep as it is 3am here. But…Quickly…

1.) I did a google search for “bicarbonate, dialysis, and hypotension.” The articles were on the first two pages.

2.) If I eat anymore sodium, I am going to burst!! hehe. Salt, strong coffee, anger…none of it works. Nope, I don’t cramp. My pulse varies from 86-130. No pattern there either.

My bp has been lowish since re-starting incenter in 2001, but it did continue to decrease during short daily (fresenius 2008K full size) from 3/04-10/05, but it leveled out during Nocturnal during 10/04-11/05, and stayed normal except for a few instances of sepsis due to my RO not carbon tanks not being changed adequately. (Long story). I had a second transplant in Nov 2005, unfortunately the transplant didn’t work and I ended up in-center from 11/2005-2/2006, but I was fighting an infection in the failed transplant incision so my bp dropped, then rose back to normal toward February. Since February 2006, my bp has been progressively lowering to the lowest levels…60/40, 80/59.

It doesn’t matter if I have 5 kg or .5 kg over my dry weight, either.

My bp seems to be erratic which led me to believe I have a bicarb issue. I have had so many other secondary issues that I am now trying to systemically figure this out. But I have noticed a significant difference during my NxStage treatments.

Side note: Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for water issues at my apartment, I would still be on Nocturnal. I felt the best during those treatments. But I do LOVE the portability of NxStage!!


Here’s information from the National Kidney Foundation’s K/DOQI clinical practice guidelines for cardiovascular disease that discuss hypotension during dialysis (intradialytic hypotension). The guideline discusses what conditions contribute to it.