Buttonhole technique

Something I’ve wondered is, if a patient started off using the bh technique, never having done step laddering, wouldn’t his access look a whole lot better?

Probably yes but also might not be a good idea…for brand new fistulas I think its wise to use sharps for a while, that way the fistula can expand a bit more preventing any problems from closing down…

just my 2 cents… :roll:

My fistula has only had a buttonhole, but, it was 1 1/2 years old when I started and very mature. I think how it looks is a matter of opinion, mine is on the surface, upper arm and very prominent as well as crooked. The scar under my arm is also huge, but what the heck, I am alive.

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My fistula is nearly a year old and I have buttonholed for over half that time. It doesn’t look too noticeable at all except for where the 2 buttonholes are. There is minimal scaring as I really didn’t go in that many places beforehand and it isn’t very big because I don’t use fast pump speeds. I perform in a samba dance/drum band and we are waving our bare, hot, sweaty arms around and banging drums all over the place in front of crowds. Even if i had a big sucker of a fistula it wouldn’t stop me doing that. Stuff 'em I reckon, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You have just get on with how you want to live.
Funny, I have noticed dialysis people always like to compare fistulas. You’ve got to see them as marvellous thing really. 8)

My point was, if patients were started using bh, they might never have to have a very unsightly access.

Yep and what I said in a round about sort of way is ,that what seems to have happened for me.
beachy 8)

Hay Beachie! - saw the Lantern Fest on ABC’s Sunday Arts prog. A few quick flashes of the samba drummers, but didn’t catch you there.

Good program isn’t it! They always seem to only film the front row drummers. I’m in the second row…naturally! :lol:

Hmmm intersting conversation, I can’t say I agree with heather.
I’ve never been encouraged to buttonhole in the 17 years with my fistula, although I am now semi buttonholing now, with sharp needles.
Not sure you could term it as buttonholing.

It is almost invisible, except for the 2 main access areas.

That said, it is unique in it’s location & depth, located on the inner side of my right elbow with the A & V located about 2 inches apart.

It’s not the usual location for a fistula, as I;m righ handed, but veins were only suitable in my right arm.

The needle angle is direct, & even some staff are shocked at the angle it goes in at.

I’ve only started needling again myself after a 9 year transplant, & I’ve transferred to a new unit, & don’t trust the staff! SO I’ve been self needling for 7 weeks again!!
Possibly that it’s ‘grown in’ as it was created when I was 10…

Point is, all needles I’ve seen seem to be different, & a few units I’ve been at have different “protocols” at needling, & how to treat them.

Out of curiosity, did anyone here use ‘lasonil’ when their fistula was created. We had it prescribed to clear any ‘blows/bruises’ quickly & preven clotting in the new fistula.