Can someone advise on how to get hemodialysis

We need to find a place for a nurse to come in and do hemodialysis, can anyone advise on how this is done. Where we can find this service please. Thank you!

This service is called staff-assisted dialysis." It is not commonly offered because it is not a Medicare-covered service. However, some other insurers do cover it. In most cases patients are trained by a home training nurse at a dialysis clinic how to do the steps of the dialysis procedure themselves or with help from a volunteer family member or friend. There are some companies that offer staff-assisted dialysis in nursing homes for residents who need dialysis keeping them from having to travel away from the nursing home to get their dialysis. You can search the Home Dialysis Central Find a Clinic database to see if any dialysis clinics in your area say they offer staff-assisted dialysis. Clinic Search - Find a Clinic - Home Dialysis Central