Cartridge Recall - Nxstage

Hi Folks,

Did anyone receive a recall notice regarding various lot nos. of certain cartridges? My husband received a notice today. It said that a notice was sent out several weeks ago. We didn’t get that notice, I guess because hubby has just started on home hemo about 2 wks ago and probably the first notice was sent before he was really “on-line”.

By the way, certainly doing dialysis is much better than going to the in house dialysis center, but it certainly takes up a good part of the day.

My husband got to retire early at 55, two years ago. Although he had many plans to fill his time, mainly music-he is a bass player, little did we know that his new job would be dialysis!

Life is what happens, while your busy making plans…John Lennon

Hi there;

I have not received a notice… But I talked to Customer Service about the problem that patients were having problems of leaky cartridges… Was wondering why we havent received any NOTICE about this and wanted to know what batch numbers were bad… Heard about it thru their Quarterly Report where the PRESIDENT reported having cartridge problems to the stock holders. Told her that I was really concerned because we are running Nocturnal and would be sleeping thru the treatments… Actually kept a close watch the first few nights. And was up every hour or so to check for leaks… She mentioned that I did not have to worry as the cartridges that we are using (CAR-171) don’t have the problem… It’s the CAR-170’s… And that there were notices sent out to the patients that are using those cartridges…


I received the notice officially yesterday. When FedEX delivered a couple cases of cartridges the notice was attached. I only had one leak so it wasn’t a huge issue here - I think NxStage could have handled this better but they are working their way up a learning curve too. One thing that they may have not considered is that people who use the System One are self selected to be more proactive. I doubt they foresaw the desire of their dialyzors to interact with the company to the degree that they seem to be - NxStage should learn to accommodate their dialyzor’s energy. Perhaps a NxStage group blog on HDC?

My 170s so far are working well.

i’m using one right now as I dialyze in my hotel room in St. Louis. Did I mention I can see the Arch and barge traffic along the Mighty Mississippi as I dialyze?

I’m at the AAKP conference and the folks at NXStage said the replacement cartridges should be arriving this week. Erich

i just recieved my recall letter on the cartridges and did have two that did in fact leak during treatment, what a mess. i had three boxes i had to throw out.
i just joined this site so this why i am replying now.