Catheter has moved upward

Hi Everyone

I am new here. I had my PD catheter put in 3 week ago. The catheter has never been draining. They did a Xray and it has migrated up into the rib area. The surgeon who put in the catheter, says it needs to be repositoned. The surgeon suggested 3 options:

  1. Using Laparoscopic, reposition the catheter back to the pelvic area with a chance that it will migrate again upward.

  2. Using the same methed as 1. but suturing the catheter tip to the wall with a possibility of leaking.

  3. Using a sleeve like collar to direct the cathether towards the pelvls which the surgeon has never done before.

Can anyone recommend which method is best or are there any other methods out there? Is this a common occurance? If so is the a permanent fix? Do you have to go to surgury each time it happens? How long do these catheters last before you have to replace them? If the surgeon needs to put in a new catheter, Which is the best one Tenckhoff, Fogarty, or others? Straight, curly or weighted?

I am scheduled for surgury next week and would be grateful for any comments Thanks

I had this same thing… I hope surgery went well and you are now back to pd…
They tried to reposition mine putting a wire in catheter but it just would not budge…I had surgery (they had to open me as lapo they could not get it moving either) Turns out my got stuck around my liver…
Once surgery was completed it is back to working… I asked surgeon about trying to suture it but he said that would do more harm then good…You need it to move around alittle esp with me being active…sorry can’t help much but hope you are doing ok