Catheter too short


I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. My husband is 6ft. 8 in. . He just had a pd catheter put in about a month ago. He was draining very slow unless he laid on his right side.

The radiologist we saw yesterday said that the catheter was too short.

Should he have more surgery?? Is it possible to extend it???

Oh, goodness. There are other causes of slow draining, like constipation, but I’d think that would have shown up on the X-ray. You might do a search of these message boards for “slow drain” (the search field is in the blue bar up above where you type a message in, so you have to start a new message to find it). Other folks have reported this problem and talked about what needed to be done to fix it. If your husband’s catheter really is too short, it’s likely too short inside him, where the only solution would be to replace the catheter.

PD is a great first treatment, but at 6’8", I’m a little surprised that the doctor thought it was a good idea for your husband–unless he still has pretty significant renal function left (enough that he still makes a good amount of urine). It will be very important to keep on top of whether he is getting enough PD, once he gets going. If/when his urine production drops off, he would need more PD to feel his best.

How are things going?