Does anyone use a covering of any kind over your blanket and flooring in case you get a blood spurt?

Hi Heather,
no we don’t. :slight_smile: Con has been doing nocturnal dialysis for 2 years. Never had a blood spill, not to say it doesn’t happen. But it hasn’t happened.

cheers Queenie

Hi Heather
We ripped up our carpet in the bedroom and put down timber flooring because it was difficult rolling Freni in and out of the wardrobe at night and we seemed to be dripping water when connecting the dialysate lines. We also use a good old plastic backed picnic blanket to protect a portion of the bed from (heaven forbid) “projectile blood spurts” but in the early hours when I am coming off this is often forgotten! 8)

Oh that is a good idea beachy. We were trying to think of something that is light and waterproof. The thought of any blood splattering on our white goosedown blanket is unnerving. Of course, too, like Queenie said, splatters shouldn’t be an every tx thing, but don’t want to mess up the blanket.

Has anyone gotten a good spurt on the wall?

The only time I’ve ever had blood leak was a couple of times when a clamp wasn’t closed while disconnecting. This was early on, and since then, I make sure I am completely awake before I disconnect. In that case, the blood just drips straight down onto the table and the floor. It’s not like it splurts out of a garden hose.

A few times, I was careless with my arm after taping (in the morning) and a needle site started to ooze out. In that case, if you’re not paying close attention, you can get blood on your bed.

The most common thing seems to be tiny blood spots on the bed or surrounding area (floor, night table, wall) from when disconnecting the bloodlines from the needle lines and moving them about. It doesn’t drip out, but there can be little drops flying off as you handle them.

The messiest part of dialysis on a routine basis is just the water that drips when connecting the dialysate lines to the dialyzer, and when disconnecting them. Also, there can be little drips when connecting or disconnecting the wands. For that, I use a small low plastic tub under the dialyzer and just a plain bath towel on the floor around the front and side of the machine. It works for me.

I’ve heard of people here building elaborate dam arrangements around their machine with plastic sheeting, etc. I don’t think that’s necessary myself.

Other than that, I check plumbing connections regularly to help prevent any floods. I have a leak detector on the floor near the RO, and another near the dialysis machine. You need that last one also as a blood leak detector under the dialyzer during treatment (at least in my program here). There was once a patient who deformed one of the bloodline connectors that go into the dialyzer by tightening it too much, and he lost a lot of blood when it gradually leaked during the night. It was a small leak, but it’s added up over a number of hours. So that’s why a leak detector under the dialyzer is mandatory.


I have wood laminate flooring which makes clean up easy, but have “spilled” blood a few times both from forgetting to clamp when being distracted (I try to make sure no one is talking to me when I am getting off), and a couple of times from the needle slipping out when I was untaping and getting the gauze on (don’t panic just get the gauze on).

I haven’t put any protective coverings on my bed, but I also don’t keep an expensive comforter. I do use a blue pad which will catch most minor bits of blood like from the needle tips upon removal. I do suggest keeping hydrogen peroxide around for any blood spills it works wonderfully for removing the blood and after, for the floor, I always follow up with a bleach wipe.

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No coverings here…recliner has a sealer…prevents blood spurts or other fluids from absorbing…

However, I did made a massive mess of blood about a two months ago…wall, floor, recliner…YUCK! was a horror show! :lol:

It looked like this…

Heather, the beauty of the picnic blanket is you can “almost” imagine you are having one!
We like to have no trace of dialysis left after a treatment so definitely don’t want any blood stains on doona or anywhere else in bedroom.

Gus, you have done it again and Prince Charley looks so interested! :lol:

LOL, Gus, like your latest pic…reminds me of my nightmares exactly except no Prince Charley in mine…


the beauty of the picnic blanket is you can “almost” imagine you are having one!

Alright, beachy, a picnic on tx.! :lol:

Since I dialyse in a separate room on a recliner, my only spills are most likely starting & finishing - when i am up over the desk. I often have cannulation probs. So Weds, for e.g. I was trying to open up with a sharp & then switch to a blunt…nice thin stream across the desk, onto the cable modem :slight_smile: …but once on & settled back in the recliner I pull over my doonah cover (nothing in it - it’s furry, just right for the Bear :lol:) and have not got blood on it yet!

When that bloody spill happened my family were so shocked and running around in circles, my goodness…it was like a crime scene! They thought I was gonna die!

If your thinking what happened, well…the venous buttonhole taping came off after I set my legs down from the recliner…buttonhole came out squirting as if it were a water sprinkler…about 3 days later I started feeling quite weak…but managed my way up…

My wife is always saying “If they ever do a luminol forensic in here, I’m gone!” BUt I always re-assure her that she’ll never be blamed if I ‘carc it’ one night in there :slight_smile:

Ewwwwww… :oops:

the bear:

My wife is always saying “If they ever do a luminol forensic in here, I’m gone!” BUt I always re-assure her that she’ll never be blamed if I ‘carc it’ one night in there

LOL! Bear do you get the “Court T.V.” channel over there? Lot’s of forensics and luminol goin on there. Hmmm… maybe I should suggest the state surveyors use luminol to test how clean the units are :?: :?: :?:

Ive just got carpet in the room but Ive got the machine sitting on one of those rubbery type trays that you buy to put in the boot of your car. If there is any water leakage it just drips onto that. Im not real bothered by the carpet as its only getting ripped up anyway if I ever get off dialysis.
Only had one bleed in 12 months and most of it went onto the sterile drape and a bath towel I used to put pressure on.