my mom got peritonitics twice which was again between 2days gap.
we showed it to the neph.and he said that it was due to removal of the cuff which is placed inside the abdominal to protect the catheter. we also did culture but the result was neph told me that mom got to remove her catheter for her treatment before till we are giving her antibiotics which is for 15days.
here question arises that how long can we stay in such position?actually we need 48hrs to reach our dialysis center.
has anybody else suffered from the same prob?

Hi, It is a bit difficult to understand your message, but is sounds like the peritonitis came back after two days and the doctor is saying this is related to the catheter cuff. The cuffs are on the catheter to hold it in place (the body’s tissues actually grow into the cuff material), and to form a barrier around the catheter.

The cuff is made of a Dacron polyester material - much like the soft side of a Velcro fastener. If an infection gets in the cuff, it is almost impossible to get rid of it because there are no blood vessels to take the antibiotic inside the cuff material. So the cuff - or the catheter - is eventually removed.

I can’t tell from what you said if the doctor is waiting until your Mom is on antibiotics for 15 days to take out the catheter, or if he wants her to continue for 15 days after the catheter comes out. Either would seem to be appropriate. If a new catheter is not placed when the old catheter is removed, your Mom would have to do hemodialysis for a few weeks.