Cycler machine cost (without insurance)

My Dad, age 80, is currently on CAPD at home (manual dialysis using bags, 3-4 times a day.) Nephrologist has recommended considering moving to the cycler machine. Anyone have experience buying this machine on cash payment (without insurance) and what it might cost?

Read through the old threads and realized these machines are usually rented through dialysis centers and maintained along with other dialysis services through the dialysis clinics and I’d have to find him insurance coverage for this to be a realistic option. I have posted another message about estimated costs since he is not eligible for Medicare and perhaps not Medicaid (Medi-Cal) either…

I responded to your other post. I can’t tell you what his dialysis clinic charges for either CAPD or CCPD, You could ask the clinic what the charge would be for each. In my other response, I suggest asking if they’d accept the Medicare or Medi-Cal rate and use his overseas assets to pay for that if he’s not able to get coverage any way. Large dialysis corporations often have insurance counselors. In my other post, I suggest ways he might get coverage and suggest talking with the dialysis clinic social worker or insurance counselor if the clinic has one.

Typically it’s $175-$220 rental fees depending Baxter or Fresenius. Just curious, what’s your fathers height and weight? How much urine per day? Did he wait a long time to begin dialysis? How long has he been on CAPD?

He is 5’6” and only about 114lbs. No, he didn’t delay dialysis - started it soon after it was recommended for him, which was about 15 months ago.

On your other thread, it looks like he may be able to get a marketplace plan with premium tax credits if he files taxes and cost saving subsidies for the plan’s out of pocket costs because he is a lawful permanent resident and as a person who would be eligible for Medi-Cal but for the 5 year waiting period for new legal immigrants.