D Day Folks

Hi everyone

Bob OBrien here , Eleanor just drove past the place where we vote. And it was packed with people standing in line. This was at 6:15 am east coast just outside of Phila. The polls don’t open till 7 am. Please everyone get out the vote.

The story that this link takes you to, is the NYTimes. It a short story but points out what some in this country having been doing and will contiune to do which is to try and stop people in this country from getting any or limited healthcare. This is not just about dialysis. It is and always will be about the right of people to seek and find good health care. A person who has whatever condition should not be force to have to deal with sub par health care. This isn’t just about getting more money to health care providers. Our country needs to have a nation wide dialogue on a # of issues. I know that in the health care world just like every other walk in life has very good people and some not so very good people. And sadly it hard to tell who is who due to the fact that in every walk in life both types may work side by side.
I want to thank the people who help this site and keep it going. Over my last three yrs in dialysis I have come to this site and posted, and read other peoples posts.

Bob Obrien

Thanks, Bob. I voted early and volunteered at the polls today. Very cool to see the democratic process in action. It seems like the polls all over were very busy early in the morning, but then they were just steady the rest of the day. I hope everyone voted!

Hi Folks

I stood in line for just over an hr… I’m very very happy at the turnout. It now my turn to help in some way here in PA. This has nothing to do with party. This had to do with common sense… Thanks USA

Bob O’Brien