Decreased urine output with 6x txs

Is it common for there to be decreased urine output with daily txs? I have read where some have said that as soon as they started daily txs, their urine output totally ended. Also, eventhough it is said about daily txs that there are no fluid restrictions, with no output it is not possible to drink freely.

Hi Jane

I’m not the one to really post on this, but in my case … No matter what type of dialysis I made urine. Which had questions the Drs from the start. The Drs would tell me that my urine and even some this page would tell that my urine output would stop. Well over 3 yrs down the rd, and I’m making as much today as before dialysis.
As to my intake of fluids , I really don’t think on anymore. I have 3 or 4 cups coffee in am. then over the day it hard to say, my guess would be 2 to 3 of those one pint bottles of water. Come summer that might go up to to 4 to 6 of water.

Bob O’Brien

Well Bob, you can really count your blessings in this dept.- I’m happy for you : )

I am not an expert here but I seriously doubt if increasing the frequency and duration of dialysis will reduce urine output. Dialysis does not give us even close to kidney function. Also, the kidneys will definitely work on the excess fluid and toxins to remove them instantaneously if they’re functioning. So I don’t think dialysis should affect that.


Hi Jane,

Quite common, from everything I’ve read. Before I started dialysis, my output was so much, it was ridiculous. I remember having to do a 24 hour urine test, and requiring 2 jugs. Within 3 months of starting dialysis, I had no output - and have had none since, which is just over 4 years ago. It makes fluid intake more of an issue.

I’m envious of those who still produce urine! ha ha


Hi Kidney_Mom,

Are you on 3x dialysis or 6x? I am wondering what determines what causes diminished urine function all the way to total loss of function- the individuals origin of kidney disease, years on dialysis, frequency of dialysis etc. But a number of patients have said they didn’t lose all function until they started 6x txs.

Hi Jane,

I do 3 txt. a week, 4 hours each - with no output. After just a few months of dialysis, that was the case for me. I have FSGS, - so, perhaps you’re right, and the disease has more to do with it, then time on dialysis? I’m not entirely sure. I often joke that I would make a great traveller (by car especially), but we all know how easy travelling is while on dialysis! ha ha