Dialysis at home is an ARt!


:lol: Gus, you are wonderful. Thanks for the giggle and smile!

:lol: Gus, you are wonderful. Thanks for the giggle and smile![/quote]

Sorry, I was not logged in AGAIN!! :oops:

Would love to see the look on the faces of the NxStage staffers when the tech trades that one out, and you’ll have the fun of doing another one.

Can we request one of your trade-ins? I’m not that artistic!

Are you serious? You really want a designer dialysis machine? :lol:

:lol: :lol:
That looks gorgeous! I think I would be happy with one of those transportable critters whether it was designer or not though!

Hey, that thing is way cool – would be proud to take it anywhere and would love to see the looks it would get. :lol:

Maybe you can hang out a shingle for custom paint jobs. :wink:

No NxStage where you are? I found a DaVita clinic w/ them a couple of hours away – thanks to encouragement from Gus. The NxStage competitors here said they would not provide support for a NxStage machine.

Actually, that machine there is the 2nd replacement…the previous one had a glitch I couldn’t fix, but behold! I receieved the replacement machine in less than 24 hours! :shock:

I was quite excited with my new machine that I decided to decorate it to celebrate! :lol: …the new machine sports new handles for easy carry around and some other new features that have to to with analyzing arterial pressure…so now both venous/artertial pressures can be monitored…

Beware though, I digitally decorated…not actually painted over it in real life!! So don’t rush to the paintshop for brushes or spray cans to paint yours in real life!! :stuck_out_tongue: