DialysisEthics2 site all better


I’ve been keeping the dialysisethics2.org site up as a reminder of the past of this field of medicine. (Would put up a link but I had to re-register and got blocked) Anyway life took over with my wife and I moving to Denver to watch our one and only granddaughter - and on top of it fixing up a fixer-upper home. We are finding out why people have kids when they are young, they run you ragged. But I have got the fixer-upper mostly fixed up and had some time to look at the site. It is now all updated and upgraded with the old forum working again. Though the forum is closed to new registration, thought it would be nice to have it viewable again. I don’t feel much of an urge to open the DE2 forum up again but I’m sure this forum will continue to do the mighty fine job it always has done promoting the virtues of home dialysis and offering equally fine technical support.

If anybody wants a blast from the past you might give the site a visit.