Diet and NxStage machine

I’m very happy with my current treatments of 3 hours daily. After 14 years of dialysis I think I have internalized the diet but in general I think I have a pretty liberal diet compared to the 11 years I dialyzed incenter. If I could I’d mix in a nocturnal run every now and then just for the milk shake perks.

But yes I am satisfied. I’ve dialyzed in over fifty different units; I’ve seen how treatments are provided on 5 continents; in over 20 countries. All and all I couldn’t have it any better but that is as much a function of my provider as my machine.

Bill writes:

in general I think I have a pretty liberal diet compared to the 11 years I dialyzed incenter

Please explain- how liberal?

Jane do you have something specific in mind? What would you eat, or eat more of, if you could?

Clearly fluid is easier. I think Phosphorus is easier and maybe sodium too. I had a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich for dinner - that’s one of my comfort foods - but I ate that on occasion incenter. Remember, too, that I ran 4.75 hours incenter which helped. I’ve never required a diet related intervention so I’m not sure what to point to.

I am trying to understand now many hours I would have to run daily to be able to include more high phosphorous and K foods in my diet. Or maybe like you quipped, wondering if it would it be helpful to run a longer tx occassionally for the benifit of being able to consume meals without diet restrictions once in awhile? Trying to determine the happy and healthful medium. Even a break from the diet limits once in awhile, would be a great improvement over the strictness of the renal diet.

Another thought- if one feels better with short, daily txs, then he should have a better appetite. So considering he is dialyzing daily does that mean he is clearing better and can take in somewhat more phos and potass. foods?

I’ve been eating pizza, hamburgers, beans, beans, legumes…dunno but I have been having good appetites after each dialysis…sometimes feels like I can eat a horse!!! :lol:

Right now prolly the hardest point for me is not going overboard on high K foods…just like i n center there’s certain limits but the daily dialysis dose gives you more freedom on what to eat…

I mean c’mon…can you eat chocolate, mocha, Spaghetti, french fries, in one go and still hang without dialysis next day? Well, on daily home hemo you can take it down next day…so your in no worries of missed treatments…but again, caution…dialy homehemo is not the road to complete freedom…it just makes life a little better… :wink:

Howdy all, just wanted to let you all know of a great protein supplement that has alot less pottasium and has 15 grams of protein per each 1oz. of dose…comes in different flavors and is in lquid form. Maureen, Wellbound’s headnurse of Modesto gave me a brief presenation and of course I got to try and taste this product. From both Butter Pecan and Cherry the cherry one was my preference…

I believe this may be a breakthrough on treating your protein needs without sacrificing a change in your eating habits! if your a vegetarian and are on dialysis then this product would be a great addition to your healthy living…

Gus do you have a linc?
I Googled “Pro-Stat Nutrition” and found the above link. It looked to be available in a few places, so this may be a good opportunity to use Google’s “Froogle” section to price compare.

The product picture above is clickable…just roll your mouse pointer over it and click it and that will take you to their website… :smiley:

Still trying to nail down how liberal the short daily diet is compared to nocturnal. Seems there are no limitations on nocturnal. But just how liberal is a 2 1/2 daily tx diet wise?

As a daily two and a half user great changes have occured since the last days of my 3x a week therapies…

  • Blood pressure is in normal range now
  • I can drink more fluids
  • I can eat more

However, this doesn’t mean we will be liberal on what we do. Still there are guidlines to keep on track. Do we necesarily go out and buy a liter of beer and drink? How about sit all day and just eat potatoes? …Understand what I mean?..Like a healthy person we also try to keep our daily diet healthy…

definately, we can eat and drink a bit more than when we were on 3x a week in-center… 8)

Gus writes:
definately, we can eat and drink a bit more than when we were on 3x a week in-center…

Looking for a more specific answer - what does “a bit more” mean? If this means the diet is hardly more liberal than traditional 3 x a week dialysis, then why not do nocturnal dialysis and enjoy a normal diet if one has to be on the machine 6 x a week?

LOL, your funny…if your a patient, the best is try it…Nocturnal for me was a no no…I wanna spend time doing things during the day…and it’s a fact, you can eat/drink more than when doing 3x a week in-center… .the only way you’ll know is to try it yourself…either daily or nocturnal will not fix your health 100% …they both have their drawbacks but they both beat the 3x a week therapy…and again, you will have more choices to what you wanna eat than the 3x a week therapy…you’d probably even need to add supplements to replace lost nutrients…remember, 6x a week is keeping you constantly cleaner than 3x a week…take my word and try it youtself, you’ll be glad you did… :lol:

I also have PKD and continue to piddle so fluid is not an issue. my K has been fine with 6X a week treatments. phosphorous is a small issue so I still take binders. wish I didn’t have to because its something else to remember, but its not a real problem.

I’ve seen a new product called Pro-Stat AWC at - Looks like this one has 17g of liquid protein and they added extra vitamins and minerals. :smiley:

Here’s the page with the list of contents for this supplement. Show this to your doctor or dietian before taking any protein or other over-the-counter supplement to be sure it would be safe for you to take it.

I’ve tried that product for the past 5 months now, the cherry flavored one is the one everyone liked at our clinic…

For those with low albumin you won’t see instant changes, it takes several months to see the affect. Having low albumin is quite hard to get back up to normal, takes time…its not like iron which shows instant changes within a week…