Do we need to have a three week break after insertion of cat

Hi All

I am currently on Hemo for over a month and planning to shift to PD. I spoke to my Nephro, who is routing me to the PD clinic. Meanwhile, he indicated that after the insertion of catheter, I cannot start on PD for atleast 3 weeks and for another month, I cannot be on a cycler.

Wanted to check out with others on PD about their experience on this issue.



I was never on hemo. But as my kidney functionality dwindled, my nepho ordered my catherter surgery about one month before she felt I would have to start. She said it took that long for the exit site to heal. And it did. Hope this helps. :smiley:

I had been on hemo for 4 months, struggled with no AV access, decided to switch to PD. The PD cath was inserted, and exactly one week later I began with PD. Didn’t have any trouble with the cath site at all. The surgeon said that 2 weeks is “normal” wait, but I could start earlier if no problems. I guess that it is at the discretion of the doc.

I started Hemo in August 2005. I have PKD. I had no problems with my fistula access; it works great. I just didn’t like the needle sticks, the commute (15 miles one way), and sitting for 3.5 hours. I had my PD cathether put in on November 4, 2005 and began my official start of PD at home on November 21. Of course, during that time frame, I was still going to Hemo.

My exit site has healed very well.