Do we see any change in $$$?

Hi Folks

I’m new to dialysis 12/02/05 to present.

How long have some of you been working for a change in way dialysis is payed for? How long have some of working to get the way consumers are looked at by those in the dialysis world?

I know there are a # of people who are and have been working on change in area of dialysis. I think that we just don’t # of consumers to have a real voice. Don’t get me wrong I will do what I can on my part and help when someone on this page come up ideas. I just want some idea on how long have been in this battle.

6 years and I can’t believe how long it takes for changes to take place. It’s pretty much a given now more dialysis makes for healthier dialyzors but it’s not enough to motivate a big upsurge in programs or more payments.

Hi Country Girl

I went to my doctor last month and what I took from our talk is that more consumers might be willing to try home hemo if the travel time was within limits.Where his office and center are the only center that offers home dialysis is 75 miles one way. people look short term vs long term and say if I feel ok doing three days a week why drive 150 miles a day for 4 to 8 weeks. Plus the other big factor is age*I think?