Do you get tired of machine preparation?

If you could switch to a machine like the PHD would you do so? Do you get tired of the machine preparation?

The NxStage is the easiest set up machine. And yes, like going to work, you get tired of set up and being on dialysis, but you do what you have to do to be healthy. You get used to it. If the NxStage weren’t portable, allowing for travel, I would probably not switch even though it has a better set up and get off time.


In today’s current options, heck no! 8) …there’s a tradeoff between what’s already available today…when I first was planning to go home my preference was first PHD, but then I found NxStage and did more research on what I wanted and NxStage came to be. Some of the points to my decision of choosing NxStage is that I wanted a simple no frills machine. A machine that will not be a resource HOG and that is not almost the size of a refrigerator. However, If Aksys or any other company that comes up with a newer design smiliar or better as NxStage’s then I may change my mind… :oops:

P.S. Jane, if you do a search on the board you’ll see that you ask TOoo many questions… :roll:

Do I get tired of setting up?

Sometimes. Who wouldn’t?

I think I would get tired of it of it even if I only had to prepare the needle tray and put the needles in. But then, I forget all about it the next day when I can eat and drink whatever I want, plus I don’t have to sleep half the day :slight_smile:

Frankly, I got a lot more tired of going to the dialysis centre, and even more tired of leaving it to get into a cold, snow-covered car.


I do all the set up for my husband and along about Thursday I get tired but I remember just how great it makes him feel and that perks me right up.
I think cleaning the RO is 10 times worse. It is not hard but the three full cycles of Acid, Base and Mincare and then the run 5 min off 15 min etc is what drives me nuts. You can not just set it up and let it run. You have to be in the room all the time or it would take 10hrs instead of about 4.5 hrs.
If I had a wish list that would be it an Ro THAT SELFCLEANED. Ha Ha.
My hubby is not eligible for the Nxstage he is a big guy. I love my Fresienus 2008H. I would be lost without it.
Pat :lol:

Pat, my r/o monthly is a pain but nothing like that. I have to get renalin in it and then let it sit for a couple of hours, I do a bleach dwell on the dialysis machine at the same time and then a real good rinse. No, three times anything. FWIW I have heard there is a new r/o that does NOT require the maintenance, I’ve forgotten what the tech told me about how it cleans itself, but it does. Problem is getting your unit to switch. If they are leased when the lease is up maybe they would consider it.

self home hemo 9/04
Fresenius 2008K
No. CA

Sure I get tired of the setup but no more tired than I do of doing dishes, making beds, sweeping floors, grocery shopping, cooking and the list could go on an on.

[quote=“Pat Colongione”]…My hubby is not eligible for the Nxstage he is a big guy. …quote]

Who told you he is too big for the NxStage machine? Did they say what is the top recommended weight for a NxStage machine?

I’m asking because my husband is about 260 pounds and the director of the home hemo unit said she already has patients that large on the NxStage machine w/ no problems. Hubby is currently awaiting scheduling of fistula surgery so dialysis is hopefully a few months away. In the meantime were hoping he can take off a few pounds because his normal weight, before kidneys started to fail, was about 220.

My hubby goes about 270 lbs. Our unit has just started using the Nxstage and they are working on trying to figure out if the clearence would be good on someone his size.
I do not mind the Fresienous machine because I get to sleep as well and we would have to do the Nxstage during the evening for 4 hours. That is when I do my other stuff.
We are really interested in using the Nxstage for travel purposes. We are hoping the our center gets enough so that we will be able to borrow one for travel.

Our clinic is now testing the RO by Fresenius. They may start to switch to that one. I told them I am first in line to accept one. :lol:
Now really, when and if they decide to go that root I will wait my turn.

Cathy writes:
The NxStage is the easiest set up machine

How much time does it take to get going on the NxStage vs the PHD?

What is the name of the Fresenius RO?

Hi y’all,

Jane wrote:

What is the name of the Fresenius RO?

It’s called the Aquaboss. I’d like to get info on it for this site, and we’re working on that.

I had an Aquaboss the first week and half of my training. It was going to come home with me until it broke down and the program elected to go with another make. Any advantages to it? None that I could tell.

Pat, Thanks for posting about that RO. I donated the money to Rubin to buy it quite a while ago so they could try it out. I hadn’t heard rather they ever got it or not. Have you heard what the cleaning process is for it.

I did the disinfect routine once on the Aquaboss, but unfortunately, I don’t remember much about it at this point. That was more than 9 months ago. I know it wasn’t very complicated or time consuming to disinfect though. In fact, as I recall, it was a little simpler than my current R/O.

It’s a very nice-looking machine. All stainless steel cabinet. Instead of using gauges, it shows everything digitally on a little LCD-type screen - using a menu system.

I would have happily gone home with it, but as I said before, our HDU decided not to go with the Aquaboss after the trial.

AGREED!! Jane, are u doing some type of research paper or study? I have been on (and off) dialysis sice i was 15, im now 27 and still dont have this many questions! but if you are truely that curious I hope you find the info you need :?

Thanks Pierre for the info on the cleaning. I know the Fresenius RO’s run around $2000.00 US dollars more than the other RO’s we use.