Donating Extra dialysis supplies

My husband is switching from home hemodialysis to PD, after 8 years he wanted to give his arm a rest. Now that we have switched we have a lot of unused, unopened unexpired supplies. Does anyone know of anyone or any organizations that could use these supplies. I’m supposed to just toss away perfectly good supplies. The thought kills me. I know the COVID-19 complicates things but someone should be able to benefit. We used the NxStage cycler. I have about 5 boxes (6ea) cassettes and 6 boxes (2ea) of dialysate sacks for the Pureflow system along with 2 purification paks for the Pureflow. Also have 8 boxes of bags (2ea) of dialysate for the NxStage cycler. Also lots of fistula needle sets, various syringes and needles. We live in Federal Way WA. I would love any suggestions of how to save these from the landfill and get them into the hands of someone who could use them.

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You might want to post this to the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. There might be a home HD patient in that group who could use it.

You might want to list the cartridge and sack numbers because there are many prescriptions. Is your home hemo nurse unwilling to take the Supplies? She or he could use the supplies to train new home-hemo patients. You could also postpone switching to PD until your supplies are used up. I too would hate to see the supplies wasted.

Contact your home dialysis department, they can use them for training or for another patient.

Hi. We are on HHD and have been for four years now. I have always been discouraged by the amount of waste. Had to dump several 5 liter bags in Lake Tahoe once. If you haven’t found someone to take you extra supplies, we will. We use sharp needles and 304 dialysate… We are just down the road in Tacoma and could pick up the supplies. Please call if you are still stuck with boxes. Suellen 253 223-4178


My mom just passed away and we have boxes and boxes of PD supplies from Baxter. Located in Zephyrhills Fl. Please email if interested. Merrimachiggins at gmail. Free, looking for alternative to throwing away.

I am sorry for your loss. Have you talked with her dialysis clinic about what they’d recommend? Because dialysis fluids are considered drugs, they can’t be used by anyone else. Baxter might take them off your hands, but I bet they’d destroy them. You could check with a veterinarian or animal shelter to see if they could use the dialysis solution to treat animals with kidney failure. Finally, some people have drained the bags on their garden. I might ask at your local garden center if that could be harmful to the plants you have in your garden first.

We are in the same boat with 84 unopen boxes of pd fluid. How do we get rid of it and get our living room back?

We are in the same boat with an excess of pd solution and no where to take it. What can we do

You are only allowed to donate for training. Where are you located?

I’ve heard from many patients that they have offered the clinic unused supplies, but many will not take them, even for training, since they’re considered prescribed drugs. However, it’s always worth asking.