Empowered DPC Member Invents

This may be quite handy for most of us who want to or need to manage our fluid intake…

Empowered DPC Member Invents Fluid Monitoring Device
Eric Dixon went back on hemodialysis after eight years with a kidney transplant. This time, he decided to stick to the fluid restrictions – even if he had to design a new device to do it.
Returning to hemodialysis after eight years with a transplant turned out for me to be a catalyst for innovation. I love water, juices, Kool-aid and especially Hawaiian Punch, and had built up a healthy habit of drinking lots of fluids after my kidney transplant. After returning to dialysis I went to work on solving the problem of tracking fluids to help myself and other dialysis patients.
I have been amazed by the lack of tools for dialysis patients to manage fluids. I searched the Internet, asked my care team, and came up with advice like limiting salt, using lemon wedges and ice chips, and drinking from a delineated pitcher. None of this is very useful, especially when trying to manage fluids while away from the home or the clinic.
My problem was that I could not track my fluids over time. I would go out, grab a bottle of water, then go to a restaurant and drink a bit there, then go somewhere else and drink a bit. After a day I had forgotten what I had drunk. Writing things down started off ok, but then I just forgot. It was just too much to remember…READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT http://www.dialysispatients.org/patientconnections.cfm or visit the product page directly at http://www.digistraw.com/

Any idea of cost? Could not find that anywhere?

This is a very clever device and I’m sure it will be very helpful to many people. But with better–longer or more frequent–dialysis, he and others wouldn’t NEED the extreme fluid limits required by short, 3x/week in-center treatments.

[quote=Pat Colongione;11311]Gus,
Any idea of cost? Could not find that anywhere?

I have no idea what it costs but will try to find out…you can also email them at info@digistraw.com

EDIT: it costs $99.US dollars and can be purchased at

Why isn’t there any cost info? Dori’s comment nailed it though. Peace, Erich

Thanks, Gus. $99.0 is a bit steep. I wonder if you can have a doc write a perscription for it so insurance or medicare can cover it?

It is a bit steep, but according to their website…

How can I receive reimbursement for my DigiStraw fluid management device?
If you have private insurance: Laws in most states require that insurance companies offer coverage to pay, completely or partially, for dialysis supplies and education. Make sure you know what level of benefits for dialysis that your insurer provides. you are eligible for Medicare Part B or Medicaid insurance coverage: These programs cover dialysis supplies and education at levels that vary according to state. In most states, a group of Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers have been given responsibility by the federal government for processing claims in their respective geographic regions.

…Would it be worth it if it came with “Life-Time” WARRANTY?