Energy level

On 3x week in-center dialysis I have decent energy on my day off, but begin to dwindle down towards the evening. With those on daily txs, what is your energy level like?

I can finally keep awake for alot of hours… 8)

…going up! :smiley:
On workdays it’s great . I dialyse on worknights, so my ‘stuffed’ period is the first 1/2 (or more :frowning: ) of my days off! But I usually start picking up from early afternoon. I’m sure it’s getting better all the time.
I’m doing 3 x 8.5 and a 6.5 per week, btw. THis is my 3rd week, pluss a couple of nights @ the center.

Don’t know that I could cope with daily so well at present. I take at least 4 hours after I come off nocturnal to feel energetic. But by the afternoon I feel terrific and continue feeling good until I go back on. Still doing 3 x 8 hr at 225 pump speed and 1 x 4-5hrs at 300 in a week.
Feel good enough to continue doing a fairly strenuous program of exercise each day and don’t feel tired at all(could partly be because I am not teaching kids all day any more too! :wink:

Hmmm…your times are similar to mine then, Beachy, except for the short one. On daytime H.D. I was doing a 4 or 4.5hr SUnday evening as my fourth session. I thought I might continue that, but htey said 6 was the minimum on the nocturnal regime, because large molecule clearance comes toward the end. So…we have conflicting medical advice here again!? “No!!! I won’t have that!” (The Major from Fawlty Towers)

I know, I should probably be doing more nights, but I just can’t bring myself to do 2 consecutive nights in a week. Tests are still good and my program sems to be very flexible, they have patients doing just about every combo imaginable. I know I will have to do more sooner or later but as I am probably going to be doing it for a long time I don’t want to burn out too soon. So it is all good at present (touch wood).
PS have you checked your inbox?

I think that long nocturnal hemo provides more than enough dialysis to carry a person a day without dialysis. So, every other day should be plenty in terms of the labs. However, it’s still probably not as good as daily. When you’re doing nocturnal daily, you just don’t have enough time from the end of one treatment to the beginning of the next one to accumulate much of anything, including fluid, phosphorus, maybe amyloids, etc. It’s only 13 or 14 hours between treatments. This is almost like having working kidneys. In the short term, it probably doesn’t make that much difference, but it may after a few years of dialysis. As we’ve discussed in the amyloidosis thread, it doesn’t take too many years on dialysis to start developing secondary problems. As I said last week, we all have to make the choices and compromises we need to make our lives as liveable as we can. Better dialyzing every other day than daily if daily would just be too hard to take. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. In one way, I think the off day may be beneficial in letting the body recover a bit from the dialysis) and I find it also helps keep the buttonholes in good shape. The entry point seems to heal and then when you take the scab off the next time, it leaves a nice, neat little hole.

On the subject of energy…

Yes, I would say from my personal experience that both short daily and daily nocturnal improve energy, though it still won’t be like before you got chronic renal failure. One thing I’ve found after a while is that compared to conventional hemo, I have no recovery time at all, and I hardly ever feel the need to nap during the daytime. Before I was lucky if I could walk a couple of blocks without tiring, now I’m walking a couple of miles, and, I sure seemed to need plenty of napping during the day.


How do home tx patients feel in the evenings energy wise? With in-center txs, I have always had decent energy on my days off during the day- no need for naps ever. But it is in the evenings that I get draggy- feel the fluids and toxins mounting up. On the 2nd day of the weekend, once I relieve myself in the morning and have breakfast, I feel better again, but I have much less strength and vigor on the 2nd day off dialysis. It makes sense that dialyzing daily the peaks and valleys of energy would be normalized.

I don’t seem to feel much different as treatment time approaches after a day off than I do when actually doing daily, unless I happen to have really drank too much.

I’m only 125 lbs or so and 5’2" and a bit - yes, that little bit is important to me :slight_smile:

So no matter what, when I get around 2 kg overweight, I feel a little full and uncomfortable. I just don’t have room in my body to put it. I have been more than 3 kilos many times when it comes to treatment time, but I prefer to keep it around no more than 2.

I agree that with daily, we tend to be on a more even keel, avoiding ups and downs more. It’s probably a bit more so with nocturnal though, but short daily is still very good for this. Keep in mind that you whereas with short daily you might have 22 hours to wait between treatments, with daily nocturnal you only have about 15-16 hours to go from the end of one treatment to the start of the next depending on how long your treatments are.